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Hi all,

(Cross posting from 29er forum if mods don't allow it let me know)

Brought my 2008 HiFi Plus 29er in for a tune up and turns out the frame is cracked. I've been presented with a pretty sizable credit (about 80% of what I paid) from Trek towards a new bike since they can't simply swap the frame any longer. I absolutely loved the geometry of my ride, so my first inclination would be just do a Top Fuel 8 or 9.7 and move on. But I'm considering Fuel EX 7 and maybe ProCaliber 9.6 or maybe even the ProCaliber 8 in aluminum and just keep it simple.

It looks like for 2020 the Top Fuel gets a 120 fork and a dropper post, which blurs the lines on Fuel EX a bit so I'd love to hear what people think about that. Also would like to know what people think about the elastomer inserts on the hard tails. Do they make a difference? I'm nearing 50 and my kids don't let me get to the lake where I have good trail access nearly as much. If this is going to end up being a gravel bike maybe the hard tail makes sense? I'm in IL/WI for reference on the types of terrain this bike would see.

Anyway appreciate anyone's input and experiences on the topic.


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