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For sale is a 1997 Cannondale Super V 900 Comp Frameset (Medium) with upgrades - Mango/Black.

$300 + shipping

This frameset is in 100% working condition, better than new. I purchased the bike new in 1998 from LBS. Very low usage, under 700 miles total. The first ~100 miles were mostly trail and the other ~600 miles were exclusively road and prairie path. This bike was babied, never seen rain or mud and always stored indoors.

I was planning to make this a proper trail bike with a modern fork. I have too many things going so I've decided to sell it. I have $209 and many hours into this project so far.

Upgrades (new/unused):
  • Cane Creek 40-series ZS49/EC49 Headset (BAA0655K)
  • Cane Creek 110-series Alloy Crown Race (BAA0463A)
  • Enduro MAX Black Oxide pivot bearings
  • Fox Aluminum 7-piece shock mounts
  • Pro-Bolt Titanium shock mount hardware - tapered cap head bolts, washers, nuts (Black Tribobond DLC Coating)
  • Pro-Bolt Aluminum bottle cage bolts - low-profile dome head bolts (Black anodized)

The custom installed Cane Creek headset comes with 2 crown races, one for a 1-1/8"-1.5" tapered and one for a 1-1/8" straight so you can use any modern 26" or 27.5" fork. I was planning on going with either a 120-130mm 26" fork or go Mullet with a 100-120mm 27.5" fork. This bike's bottom bracket is very low, even by today's standards, and will benefit from a taller front end and travel to match the rear shock. The original 60mm HeadShok non-adjustable fork was really holding this bike back.

Does not include the seatpost or seat clamp.

Overall condition is outstanding. I know how subjective condition can be so I've included the max allowed pictures taken in high resolution with a Google Pixel 3 in Portrait Mode (Very high detail) for you to review.

The paint looks like new and has that glossy "wet" look.
Frame - Outstanding condition, overall looks like new. There are no "road/trail" chips and no cable rub spots (see pictures 7,8 for downtube). There are a two small chips on the top tube from when I was bringing the bike in the house through the garage (picture 12). There are a couple of spots on the inside of the "strut" caused by the tie down strap used when transporting (picture 9). There is a very small chain scratch just above the bottom bracket on the driveside that is completely hidden when crankset is installed. There are some paint chips at the very top of the seat tube, hidden when seat clamp is installed.
Swingarm- Being the business end of the bike there were a bunch of nick/scratches that I touched up using Duplicolor Universal Black (matches perfectly). There are some very light heal scuff marks on the "seat stay", and there are some scuffs/nicks on the chainstay where the chain got through the Lizard Skin protector (pictures 5,6). Overall it looks outstanding.
Shock- There are some scuff marks on the top of the spring and some marks on the spring preload collar (picture 9). Overall it looks excellent.
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