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SOLD! Medium 2021 Nimble 9 "Chrome" plus Manitou Mattoc Pro 140mm

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I built the Nimble 9 up a few weeks ago, had planned to use it as a pump and jump bike, but even with a smaller size it's still too big for pump track use, so I'm building a dedicated dirt jumper.

I am selling the frame, headset, and fork as a package.

The frame is like new, size medium, in chrome. The frame has been tretaed with frame saver.

The headset is a Cane Creek 40.

The Fork is a 2020 Mattoc Pro 29/27+ 44 mm offset currently set at 140mm. I'm a big Manitu fan, I run a Mattoc on my Shred and a Mezzer on Tilt. The fork can be reduced internally and internally down to 100mm, it has a Dorado Air Spring and IRT..

Frame and headset were $899 + $80, Fork was $800, I'll let the package go for $1400, buyer pays shipping and PayPal fess.

No trades, just selling outright to pay for the DJ build.

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I'll post some better pics later, but here's the frame during the build

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Make it an XL and you have yourself a deal!
I’m in a similar situation.

We have our first ever local pump track being built and I’m trying to decide on a bike. I was going to jump right into a 26” DJ build but am also considering going hardcore and starting with 20”.

I was big into BMX racing in the 80’s but unsure how much of my old skills are still available for a 20”! I still have my 20” and 24” bikes from those days so I have options.

My plan is to wait and see what the place is like and maybe play around with what I have to judge what I like best. I do have a feeling I may end up on a 26” DJ though and would be interested in following your build process and experience.

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I'm interested in the fork if you decide to separate.
Okay, so I didn't want to separate the frame and fork package, but if you two can get together and figure it out I'd be happy to separate parts :rolleyes:

If you guys can send a PM and we'll work on it ...

It is a very nice frame, Canfield is back and better than ever, if I needed a single speed for regular trail riding them I'd be riding a Nimble 9, but I have two FS bikes and what I want is a DJ, so that's what I have coming.

I like the chrome so much that I'm thinking of getting my NS Surge chromed :)

Way, way, long ago, I rode BMX and my bikes of choice were all Redlines, I had 1978 Redline with the round tubes chainstays which I traded for a 1976 Redline with the square tubed rear chainstays.

The 78' chrome was very bight and shiny, but the 76' had a deeper luster almost like a brushed stainless. Maybe I'll go for the brushed look (y)
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How much for just the frame?
It was $1000 plus shipping, I'd sell it for $800 plus shipping.
Okay, got the bike stripped, frame and fork are ready to sell.

2021 Nimble 9 Chrome with Cane Creek 40 headset (new $1050 plus shipping)


Buyer pays shipping and fees.
Listed on Pinkbike:

Sz Large Chrome N9 in like new condition, Cane Creek 40 Headset included (cups installed)
Listed on Pinkbike:

Sz Large Chrome N9 in like new condition, Cane Creek 40 Headset included (cups installed)
You may wanna change your ad. Plenty of N9 frames in stock from what I can see.
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