Surly Rims (My Other Brother Darryl) on 177 rear and 150 front hubs.
Front tire- Surly Bud 26”x4.8. Rear tire studdable Dillinger 5 26”x4.6 (or a Surly Lou 26x4.8)

These have been my go to snow wheel and have been supremely dependable and functional. This season I am trying 27.5” wheels.

If you prefer a rear Surly Lou (also 4.8) to match that front? I can put one on instead, but the Dillinger has less miles and better tread left.

I’ll include a pair of Jumbo Jims in the box. They roll great but their tread is pretty worn. If you were headed somewhere sandy w/ longer days in mind, you’ll want them in place of the Surly/45Nrth tires.

Questions? Need better shots? Let me know.
I’m on the F range of Colorado next week and can bring them along if you’d like to see them before paying.

(I’m also selling never mounted, brand new Gnarwhal 26x3.8 studded tires.)