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I'm reluctantly parting with these as the steerer is a bit short for my new frame.

2000 Rockshox Judy Race forks.

1 1/8th steerer 195mm length.

When I got these they were very soft, I took them apart and cleaned them, set the travel to 100mm and put them back together with fresh oil (1/2 5wt 1/2 15wt) - they work very well now for their age! Btw it's been less than six months since I sorted these out.

They have grey dust wipers so I took the boots off, I still have the boots if you want them. The wipers look a little worn on the outer edges but they still do the job intended well.

The stanchions are very clean and the crown is pretty good, I'm leaving the crown race on.

The rebound adjuster and preload adjusters work as they should.

The paint and stickers do have some chips and marks but nothing too bad.

No leaks.

I'm not certain the springs are original parts (see last photo) but I weigh about 200lb and whilst perhaps a tiny bit soft for my weight these forks have never bottomed out on me.

£90 including tracked UK postage. Overseas would cost extra.



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