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Soggy Bottom '06 update # 1

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The mandatory gear list is now amended to only include a helmet and bear bell.
The remaining items are only suggested items, but would be necessary gear to the experienced trail rider. If you are foolish enough to get caught out on the trail without those items to get you and your bike back to a trailhead, you probably should have the pleasure of an object lesson and enjoy a nice hike a bike instead of a bike ride. I would encourage all riders to approach this ride as if you are the only person out there and no assistance or spare tubes, tire pumps or chain links - yaddda, yaddda are not available .:smallviolin:
Pre-ride meeting is at Chain Reaction Cycles (12201 Industry way, 336-0283 ) at 6PM, July 19th.
If you live out of town or out of state, please meet with me at 8:30 AM, July 22nd.
if you have any questions, please use this thread or PM.
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