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Hi! I'm planning a week-long trip in a Recreational Vehicle from Sept. 2 thru the 10th. We'll depart from Phoenix and will head first to the San Jacinto Mountains above Palm Springs. We'll ride the trails near the mountain town of Idyllwild at the Hurkey Creek Park. We'll spend a day or two in the area. From there we'll head to the ocean to ride at either San Juan Capistrano or Oceanside. We'll spend the rest of the week in the San Diego mountains very close to the quaint town of Julian. We'll ride trails in the Cuyamaca Ranch and try some of the famous trails in the area such as Noble Canyon. Obviously, the focus of this trip will be mountain biking. However, we'll still have time to relax, go to the beach or go fishing on mountain lakes.

The very comfy 30 ft. fifth wheel RV will be packed with food for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Although the experience will be quite similar to camping (no hotels or motels!), we'll still get some of the modern conveniences of home… showers everyday, beds, private toilette, cooking our own meals in a range/oven/microwave/grill, keeping cold beers in the fridge, etc. We'll be staying in a combination of county parks, RV parks/resorts.

I'm limiting this trip to 8 people total (8 is enough!) Should you be interested in this fun way to end the Summer, please email me at [email protected] to get cost or more details.

Thank you,
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