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Hi all, hope you are doing well!

After moving to LA last year, I’ve figured out that majority of the trails require to pedal uphill under the sun heat and does not require much travel. Unless you are at the mammoth or snow summit;

currently I ride intense uzzi 275, which i like, and it is absolutely spot on at the bike park, however kinda sluggish on local weekend trails;

I like that frame:
+is rare,
+have outstanding suspension,
+ bombproof,
+ perfect for bike park
+ two shock/geometry settings, one for park one for the enduro / trail riding

However I wish it has:
- more reach (which i can manage by adding 50 mm stem)
- water bottle and
- weight less then 15 kg (or was more pedal able uphill)

I have few options to improve situation:

1. Upgrade uzzi with light sub 1500 wheels and new xtr drive train and 50 stem ( for local trails)
also it is easiest and cheaper option in case it will satisfy my needs

Sell it and build new bike with one of the following frames
2. Intense recluse
i’ll receive mini uzzi with water bottle with no so ‘new geometry and shock’ however intense quality
3. Transition Scout (alum only)
Modern geometry, water bottle etc..

-however it weights same as uzzi and cost as same as recluse carbon, and 4bar
4. GG shred dog
Modern geo, tun-ability, water bottle, rare beast- however 4bar (

I would like to hear your opinions.

I do ride 1 week mammoth, 1-2 weeks snow summit, 1 per week or once per two week local trails, so 50/50;

Unfortunately i cannot have uzzi and trail bike simultaneously.

Best regards,

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I really don't think wait is as big as everyone plays it have to be a few grams here or there I can't notice at all on any of my bikes

The biggest thing will be geometry and pedal efficiency within the suspension, and the uzi does quite well I'm surprised how easy it is to Pedal while seated for being basically a single Crown downhill bike. I've read my OG on Enduro trails and the biggest drawback is a low CG like I cannot peddle without getting a strike it's kind of difficult especially being used to my primer that's near perfect.

If you have the trails to support an awesome bike like an Uzi I would just keep it and maybe throw a 12 speed drivetrain on it.

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Status 140, NS Suburban
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Thanks all for the reply;
I'll demo a few options (Stumpjumper evo, tr scout) and decide based on that; most probably will just do a nice upgrade for the existing bike, unless I'll be super impressed with others;

Since pedaling efficiency of intense, is spectacular;
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