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So what has more stopping power? Hope tech M4 vs Elixir R

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Im looking into some powerful AM-brakes (I have the avid ultimate right now). And wanted to know; what has more stopping power? Hope tech M4 (2009) or AVID Elixir R

Does anyone know? I did a search but without results. : (
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This is from a recent German mountain biking magazine. The Elixir model is the CR. The German tests need to be taken with a grain of salt, most of the time. They're beyond biased also, but they make the bias more scientific sounding.

They also tend to not take into account any variations or irregularities.

IMO, the difference in the results is pretty much negligible. They are very close in performance.

Both are very well rated, and to be honest, it might be tough to decide. I'd still go with the Hope because I'm a fan of the brakes. They simply work. The operation and construction is great, and I like not needing a bleed kit. The M4 also uses easy to find Shimano XT m755 type pads, which can be sourced anywhere for peanuts, since they've been around for nearly nine years.

The Avid is being reported as no slouch, either. However, they still can't seem to get their turkey warble noise and vibration situation sorted.


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WOW! what a great reply jerk chicken, thank you very much!! : )

If anyone else has a shot at this, dont be shy! ; )
I haven't ridden any M4's...always heard good things about them. The original post only addresses power as the criteria. Since I don't read German, I'll only ask if all the red bars on the test indicate that the Elixir was superior or favored in the test? I also see the little magazine icon on the Elixir segment, so did that indicate that they won what appears to be a comparison?

I have two sets of Elixir R's. I don't know of any brand/model brake at this price, at this weight, with 2-pistons, that produce this kind of power...and maybe stronger than some 4-piston models. I just did a quick cursory check on prices, and Elixir CR & R models seem less expensive. In fact IMO the R models are ridiculously priced for the return in performance. That's why I went with them. On the noise/vibration issue that occurs on some Avids, of the two sets I bought, the one on the rear of my Nomad had this symptom. I changed pad brand and material, and the problem went away and never returned.

I'm not a brand idealogue when it comes to product. I just find the Elixirs to be a super brake and a super value. Working at a shop, I see many excellent quality hydro brake brands and models. Cheesy brakes are getting harder and harder to find.
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the only thing i could guess are: gut, sehr gut, uberregend (Uber [email protected]), gewicht, and ergonomie.
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