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Play around on and you can see how the cost v. weight issues plays out.

This is a full Shimano XT build I am looking into. Subtract the tube's weight abd it looks to be just under 27lb with no crazy parts. Does this seem accurate?

Bike Parts: Model:

Frame Niner R.I.P. 9 Raw 18.00 23.75 Disc 6.63lbs

Fork Fox OEM F29 120 RL | Black | 15QR 120-120mm 1820.00g

Front Brake Shimano XT M775 | Silver | 160.00 227.50g

Rear Brake Shimano XT M775 | Silver | 160.00 227.50g

Shifter Set Shimano XT Pods SL-M770 260.00g

Cable Shimano Stainless | 120.00g

Housing Shimano Housing | Gray 160.00g

Crank Shimano XT Aluminum 175.00 22-32-44 850.00g

Bottom Bracket Shimano Hollowtech II | CrMo | Silver

Front Derailleur Shimano XT-M771 Bottom Swing 155.00g

Cassette Shimano XT M770 | Steel | 11-34 297.00g

Rear Derailleur Shimano XT M771 Traditional Rise | Silver | L 239.00g

Chain Shimano XT HG93 304.00g

Front Hub Shimano XT Disc Black 32 15QR 182.00g

Rear Hub Shimano XT Disc Black 32 330.00g

Front Skewer Fox 15QR | Black |

Rear Skewer Shimano XT | Black |

Front Rim Stans NoTUBES ZTR Arch 29er | Black | 32 | UST 470.00g

Rear Rim Stans NoTUBES ZTR Arch 29er | Black | 32 | UST 470.00g

Rim Tape Velox Cloth Rim Tape 15.00g

Front Spoke DT Swiss Competition 14/15g | Black | 184.96g

Rear Spoke DT Swiss Competition 14/15g | Black | 184.96g

Nipple DT Swiss Alloy | Red 32.00g

Front Tire Schwalbe Albert K | Black | Kevlar | STD | 2.10 590.00g

Rear Tire Schwalbe Albert K | Black | Kevlar | STD | 2.10 590.00g

Front Tube Butyl Presta 1.90-2.70 | 48.00mm 150.00g

Rear Tube Butyl Presta 1.90-2.70 | 48.00mm 150.00g

Pedal Crank Brothers Egg Beater SL | Silver 266.00g

Headset Niner OEM INT for RIP 9 | Black 125.00g

Stem Thomson Elite X4| Black | 80.00 | 0 155.00g

Handlebar Easton Monkeylite XC | Black | Carbon | Low Rise 135.00g

Grip ODI Ruffian Lock On | Black 98.00g

Seatpost Thomson Elite Black 367mm 235.00g

Saddle WTB Silverado Pro | Black 220.00g

Bike Weight: 27.41lbs Bike Sub-Total: $4,545.06

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I think a lot of these "calculator" things come up about a pound or even two "light" vs. reality.

A few examples where the weight creeps in:
- Longer-than-standard cable/housing/brak
- Hydraulic Fluid
- Other lubricants
- Steerer/Stem Spacers
- Brake Lines (not sure if those are included in the caliper weight)

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Mine is bang on 29lb

Mine is a strong build, with gravity dropper,Maxle axle & big brakes so not a super light build but has good gear on it.

All the large frames that I have seen in the mid to low 27 lb have had 1-9 gear setups & I9 wheels on arch rims to give you some idea of were they stand on weight.

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Medium, for what it's worth...

I couldn't comment on a large because I ride a medium frame. But fully dressed she tipped the scale at just over 26.5xx pounds. I9's, XO, XTR crank, R1's are some of the key components that helped it get there. I could imagine a large would be just above that if you were looking at my exact set up. It's 2x9 with a bash so if it were to be lighter a 1x9 would probably be my only option to shed some grams. My knees don't agree with that idea so I'll keep her as she stands! Bike rocks plain and simple. My buddies '09 weighed in at around 30-31 pounds and to be honest it felt pounds lighter on the trail.

Needless to say I'm very, very pleased with it.

...In the meantime.
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You forgot rotors and adaptors...XT disc are not That light. Also all those weights seem to be manufacturer claimed weights rather than actual. Dump the tubes, go yellow tape with Olympic valve stem tubeless and that will net you a few grams. I'm guessing that the build you listed will get you in the 30# range.

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XL Weight for comparison

XL Black w/Fox tapered fork, 15mm QR
XT Crank, shifters, front der, XTR rear der
XT Pedals
Elixir CR Brakes, 180mm f/r
Flows tubeless, XTR Rear/Hope Front hub
Rampage F
Nano R
Thomson 410 post, cheap-o Bontrager 100mm stem (to be replaced by Thomson soon)
Easton EA70 Bar, 660mm

30.07 Pounds

Will get slightly under 30 when I cut the stear tube/remove 40mm of spacers.

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My L is 30 lbs, after 2 years I've replaced stuff that broke, but it's basically X0/XT stuff, Thomson, Monkeylite, Crossmax, Elixir CR F and J Ultimate R brakes etc. For tires I am running a Captain Control 2.0 rear and Ignitor front.

I could drop a lb I think if I changed the fork to the new REBA 120 w/maxle as the White Bros F135 I have been running is on the heavy side. However, it's such a great match and solid fork I'll probably keep it until the frame dies.

Getting down to the 27lb range should be possible. Components are lighter than when I built mine up a couple years ago. If I were to do it all over again with a mind towards shaving weight:
- REBA 120 w/maxle lite
- 2X9 setup w/med cage der. (I just break teeth off the large ring anyways)
- I'd lace up my own wheels and run tubeless

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Medium Rip 9 Frame Weight 7 lbs 8 oz

Fully Dressed 27 lbs 8 oz

XTR Cranks
XTR Derailur/D/C shitfters/Cassette/Calipers
Formula 1 Rotors 180 Front 160 Rear
Fox F29-100 Fork
I-9 Arch
Racing Ralphs 2.4 Front 2.25 Rear
Thomson Stem/Easton Monkeylight HB
Thomson Masterpiece Post
Eggbeater SL pedals
WTB Rocket V SLT
ESI chunky grips
FSA integrated headset

All parts came off my Jet and onto the RIP. Will post pictures soon.

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muzzanic said:
All the large frames that I have seen in the mid to low 27 lb have had 1-9 gear setups & I9 wheels on arch rims to give you some idea of were they stand on weight.
You must be talking about this one...

Note the weight is with a 12mm MAXLE installed, Ergon grips, etc. With some component changes I could easily drop another pound, but don't feel the need to as the bike is solid and FAST as is.


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My RIP weighs in at 32.8 pounds. Ride ready
It is a large frame (2009) Raw color
Shimano Dual control
Stan's Flow wheels w/ZTR hubs and Kenda Nevegal Tires (tubeless)
Fox Fork
Triple chain rings
Xt Derailluers
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