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My mid-day client canceled today, leaving it wide open for riding (well, until 3). The temps were in the 70's and there was a breeze, there was no way I was going to pass up this riding opportunity! I gave grannyannie a call as she had mentioned riding today earlier in the week (I had declined due to the client). Alas, she was unavailable, I was solo, as usual.

Since my Tuesday ride felt like I was pedaling through cement I decided to take it slow at first, just to see how the legs were churning. I started with Rustler's and felt that same sluggish unresponsive sensation, as if my legs were couch potatoes, balking at the very idea of movement. Ugh! I pushed through the first part of the loop and my legs seemed to flush the molasses out of the system. Soon I was zipping along happily and I could feel everything work back into harmony.

About halfway I saw them, their return is so welcomed. The heralding of spring and good weather every year. I never tire of them. I stopped for photos and took many. Here are just a couple.

I finished up Rustler's and happen to start up Mary's at the same time a large group headed up the hill. Having only one gear I had no choice but to stand and hammer up the hill. I felt a little rude passing all but one of them, but I wasn't going to wait until the hill was clear. I soon passed the leader and headed to Horsethief. I stopped for one photo and that was to be the last for the day.

A little over halfway I ran into Holly. She wasn't on her Turner today, but was out training for a marathon, that girl's sick, her goal was a mere 20 miles of running... No thanks!

At the end of the loop I met up with some Front Range friends of mine and we all continued together out Mary's. They headed up to Moore Fun while I took Steve's with the intention of riding the loop and heading back. Somehow I found myself wondering if I should attempt Moore Fun on the rigid ss. Instead of doing the entire loop of Steve's/Handcuffs, I ended up at the trailhead marking the point between Mack and Moore Fun. I must have been sick in the head. Luckily, KgB saved me from myself. He was just finishing up Moore Fun with a couple friends from Summit County when I saw him. It didn't take much persuasion to get me to join them for a return for Steve's and back to the cars.

So my solo ride was really anything but, considering how many people I saw (that I knew), especially if you include Geno (another Front Range friend) and Gene (local Fruita guy).
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