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And dove in, head first, to my first single speed. Oh, and it's fully rigid too. Here's the result:

First ride this morning (in the dark, for the most part). Umm... Wow. Fastest lap I've turned in a long time, in spite of the fact it was a brand new bike, I made a couple of stops, and it was dark. I'm just a little bit hooked, I believe I may have seen the light.

So, one little question. The chain was relatively taut when I picked it up from my pals at the LBS last night. It's a little bit loose now (not a lot, but it isn't all the way taut like it was prior to being ridden. I assume this is relatively normal, but how slack is too slack?

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Sure thing. It weighs in at 18.73 on the shop's scale. Here's the rundown:

Frame: 19" Spec. Stumpy SS

Fork: Niner carbon rigid, 1-1/8" straight steer tube (not stock)

Headset: stock from Specialized, upper & lower Campy style bearings

Stem: Specialized XC, 105 mm, running -8˚ rise at the moment

Bars: Specialized S-Works carbon (not stock)

Grips: Spec. Lock-on (but will swap out for Oury soon)

Brakes: Avid Elixir R SL (stock from Specialized)

Cog: Spec. stock Cro-Mo, 20 tooth (to be replaced soon, probably with an 18 for now)

Chain: KMC X10

Crank: Custom SRAM S-1250, GXP spindle, crappy 32 tooth ring (will replace soon), 180 mm arms

Pedals: Crank Brothers Egg Beater 3 (not stock)

Wheels: Industry Nine Single Speed with DT Swiss RWS skewers (not stock)

Front Tire: Spec. S-Works Purgatory, 2.2, tubeless w/ Stans (not stock)

Rear Tire: Spec. S-Works Renegade, 1.95, tubeless w/ Stans

Seatpost: Spec. stock, will swap with a Thomson I have soon

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Definitely nice.
It's amazing how that Niner carbon fork goes so well with other brands of bikes.
I want to build a 29er just to get one of those forks!
Awesome build, congratulations. :thumbsup:

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Nice look'n bike there !
In the beginning I was tightening my chain every few rides, now very little.
I went from stock 21 to 18 and now 17t cog and acceleration is still very very good.
If you start getting the dreaded rear rotor noise, you can try an alligator....not as powerful as G3, but nice'n quiet


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