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I posted a few weeks back with a question about throwing a longer rigid fork on a 1x1 frame. I originally thought about the Karate Monkey fork, but was talked into the Instigator. Needless to say, a 1" increase in fork length is just what the 1x1 frame needs, IMO. Yes, it handles a tad slower, but the bottom bracket is up enough where I'm not striking the 180 cranks on every other rock, and it feels oh-so-much-more stable on the downhills. Plus, the pimpy black straight-bladed fork looks better than the stock fork, dontcha think?


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After reading your post, I hopped on down to my guy and ordered one up! Thanks.

Not for the Surly, but for the Fixie Ti Sofa King! Frameset calls for a 238mm axle-crown. Current 1X1 fork is 413mm....what better than a 447mm Surly Instigator fork??

I gain ~1 inch ground clearance at the BB, the WTB bars are ~1 inch higher (I like that!), and the steering geometry will be just "that" much slacker. Best of all worlds.

Too much front end input on this Sofa King, 'specially with the WTB Dirt Drops, me thinks.

We may have a winner!
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