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So I completely shredded the sidewalls on my kenda karma...

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tubeless tonight at the races. I was running pretty high psi (33-35). Mounted on a nontubeless rim with stans strip and stans.

The kenda karma sidewalls are super thin, so I'm after something new.

I love everything about the kenda karma on my xc hardtail. It's light, fast rolling, low resistance, and holds quite well for outta-the-saddle torque up hills. This is a rear tire btw.

I have all the grip I need up front ('10 weir 2.1) and want something with a beefier sidewall that can replicate the performance of the karma.

-26x2.0 is all I need.
-Price isn't really an issue, under 50-60 would be nice though...
-Fast rolling / Low resistance
-Traction outta the saddle (not a 2.0/2.1 highroller for example)
-Lightish (sub 550g would be ideal)

Any help tire gurus?

Flat and annoyed,
-Adrian :D
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bump, anyone?

I've got some mythos XC kevlars laying around in 2.1 width that might work. How are the sidewalls on these?
Pretty much any light tyre is going to be thin, goes with the territory. That's the trade off.

A real 2.0 / 2.1 of 550g is either going to be thin on tread or thin on sidewall, for conditions that involve sharp rocks.

Sometimes it can be luck of the draw, and I've seen guys who run light DH tyres on their trail bikes end up with cuts, while others on the same ride and with light rubber get through.
so any suggestions if weight isn't too much of an issue? still, i don't want 2lbs of rear tire tho :(
Have you ever thought of the Continental Mountain King? Just my suggestion as I haven't tried them unfortunately, (my tires are still new, but i want them), but i've read a mass amount of good review on them, and depending on your budget there is the 2.2 for 670g and 2.0 for 480 (tubed) and 400-600g for the tubeless UST options with Supersonic protection or whatever they call it
lol i wouldn't run a mountain king...

i guess i'll just toss the mythos xc kevlar 2.1 on and hope for good results? it's fairly light, sidewalls "feel" thicker than my 2.0 karmas, and there looks to be pretty low rolling resistance and some quality traction there.

plus it's laying around and free!

any other suggestions? needs to be mounted and ready for a race on friday :)
sealed up the irc mythos GREAT. it was easy.

then my friend links me to this:

NOT Recommended (Standard Tires):

Why are they not recommended?
When standard tires are mounted tubeless more strain is put on the bead. The above listed tires are known to have weaker beads. Which can cause the bead to severely stretch or snap.

straight from the stans site.

so do i chance it?
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I ran IRC Mibro 2.1's (regular folding non-UST) ghetto with Stan's for a couple of months with no issues at all. This was on Mavic 317's with converted 20" inner tubes for rim strips.

The only reason I stopped running them tubeless was my Stan's kept drying up in the heat and I got sick of the maintenance.

IRC's are not the fattest tyres for the stated size and I found I couldn't run them all that much softer than with tubes anyway as I was getting a lot of sidewall wallow.
Racing Ralph DD (Double Defense). I'm running a pair now tubeless on Stan's rims. So far, they have been very durable. Lots of grip and roll very well. I'm running 26x2.25, but they are also available in 2.1". Claimed weight is 535 gr for 26x2.1. I've found their weights to be pretty accurate.
i might have to check out the racing ralph. i have a race tmrw and needed something close, so just mounted a 2.1 highroller.
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