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Happy Trails
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Me, I keep a pretty good training log so I count 61:

Commuting & Errands: 9 (Here's to simple pleasures...)
Races: 2 (Tri's)
Mountain biking: 10 (Ughhhh; hated admitting that one)
Road training: 14 (Late start)
Stationary trainer 26 (I travel about 70 nights a year)
Total: 61 (The first step to improving is acknowledging room for improvement!)

Ok, so I also ran about 580 miles this year, but I'm gonna make 100 rides in 2009!

How about you?

Happy trails!

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I'm going to guess ~160 days. 2100km being on a MTB, 500 on a road bike (just got it a month ago), plus (I'll guess) 2000+ km on the other MTB.
Now that I think of it, it's pretty damn much.

I'll count the days on a calendar for 2009.

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They's Regulars!

The group I ride with attempts to ride Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. This year I probably only skipped 10 of those rides due to weather/work/life.

I don't count commuting to work as riding.

So on or about 146 ride days this year.

From yesterday, the last Tuesday ride of the year:

Just Joshin' ya!
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I ride at least twice a week. I don't really keep track. Ever since I moved to 1/2 mile of the nearest trailhead, I have been riding much, much more.

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Looks like from my blog about 76 days of riding.
zero days on a road bike.
zero days on a stationary bike.

The sad thing for me is that is with zero days riding after work this year. Work was just to intrusive mid-week so I had to over compensate with weekends away.

What a fun year! Have to love finishing out December riding and getting sweaty in Bootleg Canyon.

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134 days
2376 miles
273795 feet climbed

That is on four bikes via a Garmin GPS. I do not keep track of which bike.
If you count bike time, Gamin tells me 23 days 11:24:20 total time in the saddle(s).

Yesterday, last ride of the year:
28.71 mi (12.13 mi uphill, 13.08 mi downhill, 3.41 mi flat)
6428 ft total ascent (6540 ft descent) - 14.6 % uphill grade, 19.4 % downhill grade
5:32:40 total time (4:25:13 moving, 1:07:27 stopped)

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