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Started off with a brand new 2013 cannondale trail 5 29er and after a year of riding and 500 miles later I decided it was time to start transforming. This bike has gone from a 700$ entry level bike to a completely custom bike built by me for me! With a total investment of about 1400-1600$ (including the original bike price). The only things I cant take credit for is cutting the new hydro brake hoses to length and re-bleeding them and installing the star nut on the new fork. Everything else was done by me! Here is a picture of my exact model (but not my personal bike) with nothing done to it Bicycle tire Tire Bicycle frame Wheel Bicycle wheel rim
Wood Hardwood Wood stain Lumber Deck
Wood Hardwood Boardwalk Bicycle frame Deck
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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