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Saw the Ventana home page a good 3-4 weeks ago. Pretty excited to possibly get an order in on an El Rey. I'm looking for a new 29er with 4 inches of travel.

Tried a few...

Tallboy - Nice ride, but carbon scares me

Ellsworth Evolve - nice front end, nice suspension action, but the rear was all over the place. Rear end was too flexy for me.

Epic - Not sure I need the brain. I have a hardtail for hardtail days. Cool technology though.

Turner - Doesn't make a 4 inch bike.

Intense - 229 is interesting, but the rears on the Spider 29's were flexy

So, ready to possibly order up a new El Rey. I know Sherwood builds a stout rear end.

But, the slacker HT angle thing and lower BB has me cautious. I don't want a bike to handle too slowly, nor do I want to bash pedals everywhere. Kind of hoping that BB stays above 13 inches and that headtube is in the 70 range (4 inch fork).

Any word on when the new specs might be posted up?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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