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I am shopping for brakes for my new build and want good brakes. I don't mind paying for quality but, after reading lots of threads and reviews, it seems like even the top of the line brakes have issues.

Spending 400-500 dollars on brakes and and having to choose between modulation issues, power issues, etc is not what I want. But, I also dont want a pair of 100 dollar POS brakes.

What gives? Am I reading into the reviews too much or is that that hard to make an excellent brake system for 500 dollars?

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One thing to keep in mind when reading reviews is that they should all be taken with a grain of salt. What you don't read about or see is the condition of the brake at the time the user has issues, what maintenance was done to the brake and how well they were actually installed. For instance everyone whines about issues with Juicy 7's, mine have been flawless for nearly 3 years, with one fluid flush and about 4 sets of pads they still work perfect to this day, granted they have been relegated to a box for the last 2 months and a set of Formula K24's have been installed in their place.

Proper set up and maintenance is a huge factor with disc brakes. A proper bleed, and the right pads and rotor sizes and most newer brakes will work extremely well. Look at your application and riding style and choose accordingly.

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