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Well me and sherpa headed out to snowmass for the norba. I raced junior sport 15-18 and pulled 8th out of 30 with a 5:22. It was a super tight margin I think the winner got like 5:11ish. Overall a sweet race. I got to meet Minnar and he hooked it up with autographed minnar shirts. We also met the syndicate. Rennie is a hardass and said some real funny aussie shat. Zink i thought was a lot cooler then the mags ive read made him out to be. I also saw the Low Budget Rollas and that was interesting. Then we headed to Vail and road for a day. I must say the trails were awsome and fast. There were huge smooth berms and some pretty fun jumps. Old 9 was super hard at the top but then got really fun at the bottem. The 94 Dh was my favorite for all the hips and loopy berms with the technical top section. Then on the last ride up I got on the gondola and notices there were two hairline crackin on my swingarm just above the shock mount. it didnt seem like a big thing so i road it down and it was fine. Next we headed to keystone and I decided to take the risk and keep riding. Eveyrthing was sweet and I quickly fell in love with keystone. The new "paid in full" trial is killer super fast with some really sweet rolly stunts and a super fun wood jump. Cowboy up and motorhead were also sick as was wildthing. Overall a really awsome trip Im just hoping cannondale will be good to me and warranty the swingarm! Ill have sherpa post some pics in the reply.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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