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Snowmass/Aspen Trail Recommendations?

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Yo - Since I'm not going to be competing at Snowmass, anybody have some good trail recs for the area. Something that will really knock your dick in the dirt so to speak? :thumbsup:
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Good xc ride with ~3000 vft of climb/ descent:
Smuggler's Gulch is mostly fire road climb out of town on far end, opposite side from Ajax. Fun rolling singletrack through aspens along a ridge, and then descend back down to town. Dayum, wish I had time to do some trail rides while I'm down there...
OMG... the Rim Trail at Snowmass is excellent. Highly recommended.

Government Trail, Sunnyside are the only other classics I can think of. Smuggler's mine road will get you up high and you can hit up some trails from there. Including Sunnyside and some other really fun ones.
Remind me not to ride too closely behind you.
icegeek said:
Remind me not to ride too closely behind you.
Huh? Since when have you ever ridden behind me anyway?

I think that's why riding with you is so enjoyable. I don't have to route find, look at maps, worry about having spares or tools, or post ride beers, no accountability at all really, just meander along and try to keep the green Ventana in sight until we get back to the car.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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