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Is the bike OK?
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My family made a three day ski/snowboard trip up to Telluride, CO to take advantage of our shared days from our Taos Pass. It had snowed about a foot over the previous week and snowed six more inches for our second day of the trip. Snow was still a bit thin in places but plenty deep in others. We had a blast and thanks TJ for all the terrain advice :thumbsup:

Top of Gold Hill 1, 1st day.
Winter Recreation Snow Slope Personal protective equipment

Goat Path across the rocks. Kristin (taking the picture) did not like this part :eekster: but it was worth the powder that it opened up into.
Winter Mountainous landforms Slope Winter sport Recreation

Michelle resting on her way down Andy's Gold. I really liked this run and the Gold Hill Express :D
Clothing Recreation Winter sport Winter Slope

2nd day = 6" new powder with bluebird skies :thumbsup: . Revelation Bowl.
Winter Natural environment Slope Atmosphere Freezing

Michelle & Kristin in front of Revelation Bowl.
Winter Mountainous landforms Slope Mountain range Glacial landform

Michelle, Ben, & Kristin just before our hike to WestLake.
Winter Mountainous landforms Recreation Slope Snow

Looking up Dihedral-Chute:
Winter Atmosphere Mountainous landforms Sun Slope

Kristin & Michelle (burried) ;) in Jello's Bowl.
Winter Slope Freezing Glacial landform Mountain

Me on one of the many rock drops in Jello's Bowl.
Nature Winter Mountainous landforms Slope Photograph

Me on top of Dihedral-Chute (rest of family was too tired to make this hike).
Winter Mountainous landforms Recreation Trousers Snow

Victim of Saddle Rage
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All I can say is wow. Those conditions look amazing, especially to a former New Englander, who grew up skiing Mad River Glen. Once and a while we would get some snow to go along with the ice and rocks;)
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