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Snow Summit Riding

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I did the Snow Summit lift riding on Monday. I decided I give it a try, I never really heard much about this place but what a surprise, this place is fun! Sure there are lots of fire roads, but once you get to know the place there are some real nice single tracks. Also the scenery is beautiful. Not to mention the cool mountain air up at 8000 feet.
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Yep, that is my feeling too. The people that complain are the gravity boys because they don't want to do any pedaling. Good fun to be found up there. Perfect place to take beginners.
Hey Dean, I rode with you on the Cannell ....I'm one of the San Diego guys. I liked the downhill so much so I came to Snow Summit.
I will but the wive and kids are back from visiting family, now It's going to be harder to find time for longer rides:bluefrown:
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