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Te mortuo heres tibi sim?
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Forsook the wheels today for some XC ski time. My hack self made it uphill just fine, but coming down a steep tracked in trail on xc skis is somehting i need way more practice with. I was all over the place, wishing for a wider road so as to be able to scrub more speed with turns. Still, very fun couple hours, and a different way to make my legs tired. My upper body is way more worked now than after most rides.

Yes, those are Christmas decorations on that tree.

It was decidedly odd. I'm very used to having trails all to myself (or very nearly) during the weekdays. There were about ten other people up there this morning. but once going, didn't see anyone for a couple hours. Nice.

No beer today, just hot chocolate. It's all about the mini thermos.


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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