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Well after enjoying everyone else passion hits I thought I'd better contribute myself heres abit about todays ride

The day started a bit later than I had wanted it to since I had trouble convincing my body to get out of bed on only 6 hours of sleep. I left the house around 9am and arrived at the trails around 10am. So after taking the train across town to one of the trails in town i finally got to start my ride and was greeted with this view

A few closer shots of COP, bowness and the mountians

A look at the trail so far they were all snow covered and packed for now...

A couple shots of the Bow river

The change


and well you can guess....i took the easy route up...rather than continuing since my tires aren't that great on mud

I escaped to the path

The dirty bike

The Descent

Rode the path system downtown and took the train home to clean the dirty bike
Dirty Bucket

Clean Bike

Thanks for reading

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That's what you call "lots"? OK, I'll take your word. :D
Hey I noticed the bear resistant trash can. I make those!
Cool pics, and looks like a sweet ride. Thanks
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