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Snow jumps?

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I'm in Alaska and right now we have snow instead of trails. I've been interested in DJ for quite a while but don't know of any local jumps, not far from my house is a snowy powerline corridor, I've been thinking about building some jumps out of snow to learn. Anyone done this before? Got any tips? Total jumping newb so anything could help.
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It's going to be tough to get it strong enough to hold. You'll need to run over it with a very heavy truck many times and probably let it melt and refreeze a bit after that so it's almost like ice. I've tried the snow jump too but as soon as I hit it the tire just sliced right through the snow. I'd suggest building a small kicker out of scrap wood and clear out a nice landing area on a decline to start off. Just keep the jump area shoveled, should work great and you can keep the ramp for when there isn't as much snow later in the year.
^^^ what he said. theres no way u can get a jump to be hard enough to take off with. but u can make a landing out of snow so it almost acts like a foam pit. i did it. works pretty well.
you can probably lay plywood onto the packed snow transition . . . but i'm guessing it's pretty sketchy....

snow jumps
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insanitylevel9 said:
till there pretty much ice then put carpet or wood or something on them, thats what i have done in the past. what i find more fun and what i plain on doing this winter is getting some sorta big wood kinda ramp and making the landing with snow banks the plow makes. its a good way to learn new tricks, snow doesn't hurt to bad.
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