Update: June 8, 2015

The Praxis Works 11-40 cassette is now a reality and is available for purchase. We've received it and have started using it. Packaging is top notch and it is everything we've expected so far. Manufacturing quality is excellent and shifting has been flawless so far. Look for an update from us shortly. $130 MSRP from your retailer.

Wide range cassette at the Taipei Show.

Wide range cassette at the Taipei Show (click to enlarge).​

Update: March 18, 2015

We just received new information fresh from the 2015 Taipei Cycle Show. The price for this cassette is now set at $129.99 retail. Weight is 320 grams and the expected availability date is June 1.

This is delightful news indeed as the price point of $130 is reasonable for a quality item that needs to be replaced periodically. The big two aluminum rings will not be replaceable by themselves unfortunately since that will open up inconsistencies with shifting performance.

This is a welcome upgrade indeed for the rest of the bikes in the garage. 1x, 2x, Expert riders and novices can all benefit from this cassette from Praxis Works.

On our visit to Praxis Works last week, we saw a lot of very trick chainrings and cranks. Praxis has been growing and bursting out of the seams with its forged aftermarket and OEM rings and 3D hollow cranks under the brand 'Turn'.

But the product that intrigued us the most is this 11-40 10-speed cassette that they are close to releasing. They were very guarded about it, but finally allowed us to release some information about it.

10-Speed Wide Range Cassette close-up.

10-Speed Wide Range Cassette close-up (click to enlarge).​

It is a wide range cassette specifically designed to address the needs of Narrow-Wide 1x10 drivetrain users who want a lower gear, but do not want to sacrifice their shifting quality. The cassette has optimal spacing to give it good shifting performance with existing derailleurs and wheels. Since the cassette is designed and built exactly for this purpose, there are no gaps in shifting or abrupt jumps in pedaling cadence.

The Praxis Works 11-40 cassette is seen here with the Praxis chainrings and Turn cranks and BB.

The Praxis Works 11-40 cassette is seen here with the Praxis chainrings and Turn cranks and BB (click to enlarge).​

40 teeth is where they found they could maximize the cassette size for low gear climbing. 42 is simply too much for current 10-speed derailleurs and it compromises shifting according to Praxis.

We rode it around the parking lot and it indeed shifted well. Shifting was fluid and consistent both up and down, under power. The low gears are widely spaced and the higher gears get a tighter cluster for smoother transitions at speed.

The Praxis Works 11-40 cassette is specifically designed for 10-speed systems.

The Praxis Works 11-40 cassette is specifically designed for 10-speed systems (click to enlarge).​

Available details from Praxis Works

  • Praxis Works Aftermarket 11-40T "Wide-Range" 10-speed MTB Cassette
  • For SRAM/Shimano Mid or Long cage RD only
  • Smaller cogs Steel and upper cogs Aluminum
  • Summer 2015 availability. Sooner if possible
  • Designed with goal of proper, no sacrifice, 'Wide-Range' 10-speed MTB cassette for consumers. Shifting integrity was priority
  • We did NOT want to be just another 'Expander/Adaptor' that many riders are resorting to. We wanted a full proper cassette
  • Weight is approx. that of an XT cassette. Works on any 10-speed MTB wheel with no 'rigging' or 'adaptors.' It's as simple as installing and adjusting your RD
  • More specifics and AFT pricing to coming soon
We are very excited to see this product come out this summer. It has significant implications to the 1x10 market, as wide range 10-speed shifting will be improved and simplified. We're also convinced that 2x10 users will benefit as well. They can stay on the bigger ring longer and the front chainring sizes can be optimized for closer range, better shifting and transition performance.

For more information visit www.praxiscycles.com.