Canfield isn't the first name you think of when it comes to 29ers or cross country bikes. Bikes for chucking off red cliffs, maybe - but 29ers? They've been talking about it for a while and those who had heard the rumors have been waiting. But this will be a surprise to most mountain bikers. Well, the bike was in my studio today and I've got proof. Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce the Canfield Brothers Nimble 9 29er.
Canfield Brothers Nimble 9 29er Mountain Bike

I've been doing some product photography for Canfield Brothers and knew this was coming. Lance and Chris just returned from the Eurobike tradeshow and called me as soon as they were back. The new 29er was in the house and they needed photos. They showed up this morning with a fully built bike and some frames and we got to work in the studio. I'm not going to go into too much detail about the new bike here as I didn't ride it and 29ers aren't really my thing. But the Nimble 9 is different - namely, in that it has a 16.25-inch chainstay - unheard of for a 29er. That will make the Nimble 9 handle more like a 26-inch mountain bike when it comes to more technical riding. In particular, it should be a lot easier to pull up on the bars to get over obstacles, drops and jumps. Here are a few details about the new bike:

Canfield Brothers Nimble 9 29er Mountain Bike Key Specs:
  • 16.25-inch chainstay with 16mm of adjustment in dropout
  • Chromoly frame
  • Radial seatstays for built-in flex
  • Shimano Direct Mount front derailleur
  • Fat rear tire clearance

Lance and Chris are really excited about the Nimble 9 29er and anxious to show it off at Interbike in a couple of weeks. They believe they're bringing something really different to the 29er world. With Canfield Brothers freeride and downhill experience the Nimble 9 promises to be an interesting new option for 29er riders.

Photos were shot in the new studio at the brand new Photo-John World Headquarters (PJHQ). To learn more about digital cameras and taking better mountain bike photos, please visit Mtbr's photography and camera sister site,

Canfield Brothers Nimble 9 29er Frame
Canfield Brothers Nimble 9 - tire clearance and Shimano Direct Mount front derailleur