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G'day--I'm looking for any explanation of why my upper hamstrings and glutes were screaming during a long (30+ min) climb.

- I have a neutral saddle position (knee over the pedal spindle at 3/9 o'clock)
- I did move my saddle down about 1/2" for better movement on technical downhills
- I have suffered from tight hamstrings in the past but am now able to touch my toes
- I have been lifting for 4 weeks, including presses, curls and extensions
- I was well recovered from lifting before riding
- I have been running about 15 miles per week for the last month
- I have been riding about 5 hours per week during the winter (edited)
- My leg's limiting factor in climbs is usually the outer, upper quad then hamstrings

I suspect my hamstrings might be underdeveloped
- Max press is 480lbs
- Max extension is 275
- Max curl is 120
Would this cause such limitation when the quad is the major worker? Could my saddle being moved down be such a factor? Should I go out and hit it again to see if it's the same story?!

Thanks for sharing your experience! Rick

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Adaptation, if all you been doing is 15 miles

per week I`m amazed that you are trying to do 30 minutes of hill climbing. I don`t think you tendons and ligaments are ready for that kind of sustain punishment especially if you are also lifting. If you are not careful you can really hurt your knees.

I have been following the morris plan for two season., I happen to have a hill near by that takes at least an hour if you are in shape, I climb it once per week, and I feel fresh the next day.

I think you should do more riding, at least a couple of months and then gice it a go.
Also go to

and do their bike fitting to get some good number, for saddle height,reach and all that.
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