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Dr. LSC was parked along White Pines Road Fri afternoon when someone smashed in the passenger side window with a big rock and stole his gym bag out of the front seat.

Some nice person called the cops and they were waiting when he returned to the truck. They said this is a fairly common occurance and the MO is to grab what's on the front seat and dash...a crime that takes about 2 seconds. Fortunately, they did not take the wallet, radar detector, and a couple of other valuables. What they did get away with was a gym bag full of power-lifting accessories and a dirty jock. I hope they enjoy it.

So... keep those purses, and bags out of the front seat...maybe that will make the theives move on to the next car. And if anybody sees a big black leather gym bag in a ditch near the Horse Stables, let me know!
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