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Smallest tyre 47mm unicycle rim

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27.5 plus 47mm unicycle rim on my ebike I have settled on 2.8" tyres for grass / mud / sand / anything and they are great I was looking for smaller tyre for my commute / tarmac and was pretty much set on another set of smaller rims but thought about the smallest tyre I could put on a 47mm rim from what I have read 2.5" is possible just wonder if I could go smaller ?
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I used a 2.4 fat Albert on a 47mm Neon Trials rim for my son’s plus bike until they came out with a true plus tire. The tread pattern was very squared off. We used tubes the whole time and my kids were probably sub 100lbs while on the bike.
Don't think I'd go smaller than 2.5" on that rim.

Super square casing on a uni is a recipe for self steer.
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