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My 5.7c is also a medium, 150mm Pike, I9 Torch wheelset (32), X0 2x10 drive train, 2.4 Trail King up front, 2.3 Purgatory out back, Thomson stem/seatpost, Phenom SL, XTR Trail Brakes, and mine comes in at 26.9 lbs.

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I think that link is wrong

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Works for me. Here's one of the posts from it:

"thanks guys...sounds like they are a little heavier than pivot claims (5.3lbs) ! what is your complete bike come in at ? what is your build ? thx again"

or this:
"My medium 2013 Mach 5.7c frame was 2,535g including the shock but without the thru-axle, seat collar or anything else.
Pretty sure it's identical for 2014 so the weight should be the same."
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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