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SMALL fat bike

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I'm building a PUG for myself and I would like to build a 'snow bike' for my girlfreind as well but....... She rides an X-SMALL Giant Anthem

Is anyone aware of a frame that would acomodate large marge rims and 3.7 in tires that has a 20"-21" Effective Top Tube length?

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14" aluminum Fatbike from speedway and I believe 9zero7 also has a small frame that might work for you.

Good luck
Both the Fatback Aluminum and the 907 Aluminum in the small sizes are really very petite, though I think both have tt's closer to 22". A short stem and bars with a bit of back sweep would take care of that. You can't beat the standover room on the Alu Fatback.

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does fatback or speedway cycle have a website???

I can't seem to find anything
Check the banner at the top of the page. ;)
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