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I'm putting together my new Evil Wreckoning and it's my first entrance into Super Boost. I assembled in a manner that I believed correct, but the fit just didn't seem right.

  • Wheels MFG threaded bb with 2.5mm drive-side spacer for 73mm shell between frame & BB
  • Right crank arm + 4.5mm spacer
  • Left crank arm + 4.5mm spacer

When I assembled like this, only half of the left crank arm engaged the teeth of the spindle, and the shimano preload cap wasn't deep enough to engage any threads. My fix was to remove the 4.5mm spacer on the left crank arm, but now my Q-Factor is biased to the drive side. I cannot go any narrower on the drive side do to swingarm width.

There has to be a simple solution, but I'm not seeing it. The frame makes it difficult to measure chainline, but the Q-Factor is roughly 180mm in this setup, so spot on.

Any thoughts are appreciated.
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