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SLX 7's vs Saint 6's?

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What is a more powerful set-up, SLX w/180's or Saint w/160's front to back? The reason asking, cause I formerly was on SLX w/180's over the past year and loved them for most trail riding and AM duties but would get some fade on longer, steeper, continuous descents and was craving a bit more stopping power for these type of rides. I tried puting an 8" rotor up front, but didn't like the feel of it at the lever and couldn't get it to not rub significantly to save my life for some reason. So, I boned up for some Saints (got a good deal on them) and running them currently with the old 180 rotors from the former SLX brakes. Love the feel and power they offer (able to ride a bit faster on the downs), especially on the fairly steep, long'ish descents. The rotors are a bit old and wore down now, so trying to decide what rotor size to get and see if I can get away running 7/6 or best just to run 7's front to back on the Saints. I know most people run 8's with the Saints on their DH rigs, but like to see if I can get away with running smaller rotors on my 33.5lb. AM bike with 210-215lb rider. Any suggestions with rotor size for the Saints for this set-up? Just want to get it "right" with rotor size for these the first time, especially since I am more than likely going to put on Shimano T76's at ($40-50/rotor dependent upon size).
Thanks for any help offered.
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You love your 180mm & Saint setup, why change?
PissedOffCil said:
You love your 180mm & Saint setup, why change?
Oh, I am just curious if I can get away running new 7/6" rotors on the Saints without the rear feeling like not enough power out back cause I do use the rear brakes a lot for scrubbing speed when coming in hot on corners and turns (without skidding of course due to awesome modulation and power control of Shimano brakes, whereas my Avids in the past (Elixirs) would have a tendency to lock up some and skid). Just a lilttle torn cause I like just a bit more power up front if possible (without having to go up a whole rotor size to a 8") to do most of the braking and don't want to buy a fairly expensive new Shimano rotor to see if I don't like it or doesn't work.

Right now, I am running a new Shimano T76 (alu carrier) 180 front and old Hayes 180 in back, which is much thinner (not as stiff feeling at the lever compared to new rotor of same size due to decreased thickness) and this combo feels about right, but should replace the rear Hayes rotor soon cause it is definitely wore out and not sure whether to go with another thicker T76 in 180 or be able to scale down to a T76 160 due to thicker rotors as compared to what I primarily been use to with the worn out Hayes in the same size? Or just run what I am on until the 6-bolt ICE tech rotors come out in June 11' which is suppose to offer better fade resistance and suppose to make the Saint brakes come alive and then run 7/6" with that. Just bewildered by all the options out there for rotors due to different sizes, thickness, materials between models and don't like to switch things up much after it is installed.

Thanks, but yeah, I may be best off just running 7's front/back on the Saints since I liked this set up for the most part on my previous SLX brakes. But prefer just a smidge of increased braking power ratio front/back like I am getting with a newer, thicker front rotor and thinner, wore out rotor would be nice.

Oh, you got to love indecision and fickleness with bike specs :rolleyes:
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