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On a crisp, idyllic Saturday, the single speed outlaw put on the second annual SS Punk Bike Enduro race at the snow-covered grounds of an unnamed (to protect the innocent) reservoir located just a stone throw away from the city of Baltimore. The premise was simple enough; bring a one-gear bike and an empty water bottle. And plan to ride twelve miles of up and down terrain along the frozen reservoir. The miles of smiles were broken down to 5 or 6 stages. Whoever collects the most points or punks (laminated doodads) that were hidden along the trails will win the coveted Sid and Nancy trophy. From the lemans style start, to the leg-burning climbs, to the no dub-rocky stage, the Enduro was well organized and attended. Bring your appetite for good times, good beer and good camaraderie as well for they will come in handy as you trudge shoulders to shoulders up the slippery, slushy slopes.

There were close to forty riders who participated. Many were on Surleys, On-Ones, converted hardtails, and fine steel frames like Kelly and Vicious. Several riders, including the outlaw, rode a fixed-gear. Hats off to them for making us look bad. One lone female rider, Becky schooled half us in the group and is one heck of a rider.

It was cold out and the trails were covered with snow, slick roots and logs. But my grumble gave way to delight and excitement, as I turned the cranks for the first time in several months. Some of my best memories were spent on the saddle riding with the likes of Drevil, SSO, Allroy, iconoclast and others. Good times, I tell you. For roughly twelve miles we rallied around the frozen reservoir. The stages lasted no more two miles. Long enough to warm my soul and put a grin on my face, which will tide me over until my next ride.

Thanks for the good times and a warm shout to the single speed outlaw and others for putting on a great show.

Thanks for reading and hope all is well in your corner of the world.

<CENTER><img src=""BORDER=4></CENTER><P><b> Drevil sporting his orange ruffles dashes to his bike. </b>

<CENTER><img src=""BORDER=4></CENTER><P><b> Shiva Steve kicked up some snow as he pedaled his fixed Chester forward.</b>

<CENTER><img src=""BORDER=4></CENTER><P><b> Rider in black breaking trail.</b>

<CENTER><img src=""BORDER=4></CENTER><P><b> Slogging up a slippery slope.</b>

<CENTER><img src=""BORDER=4></CENTER><P><b>Allroy was stoked to find a punk. </b>

<CENTER><img src=""BORDER=4></CENTER><P><b>A very cold baptism. PS. Thanks for being a great sport.</b>

<CENTER><img src=""BORDER=4></CENTER><P><b>Pedaling up a fireroad, as the master Enduro captures the moment.</b>

<CENTER><img src=""BORDER=4></CENTER><P><b>Iconoclasst was having a smashing good time. </b>

<CENTER><img src=""BORDER=4></CENTER><P><b>Jaybone's parachute about to deploy as he bombs downhill.</b>

<CENTER><img src=""BORDER=4></CENTER><P><b>Hjalti give me the evil eye. Good riding, brah!</b>

<CENTER><img src=""BORDER=4></CENTER><P><b> There is always a long line for tasty nectar.</b>

<CENTER><img src=""BORDER=4></CENTER><P><b> Long live good ride and good scenery. </b>

<CENTER><img src=""BORDER=4></CENTER><P><b>K9 leads the pack.</b>

<CENTER><img src=""BORDER=4></CENTER><P><b> A bike jam up a power line.</b>

<CENTER><img src=""BORDER=4></CENTER><P><b>Derbying for points.</b>

<CENTER><img src=""BORDER=4></CENTER><P><b> Mandatory group shot.</b>

<CENTER><img src=""BORDER=4></CENTER><P><b> A fixie rider getting it done. </b>

<CENTER><img src=""BORDER=4></CENTER><P><b>Becky clearing the no-dub section with style. On borrowed bike, no less.</b>

<CENTER><img src=""BORDER=4></CENTER><P><b>Drevil rode like a scalded monkey the entire time, must be the puffy shirt.</b>

<CENTER><img src=""BORDER=4></CENTER><P><i>"There are big ships and small ships. But the best ship of all is friendship."</I><b>~Author Unknown</b>

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mugg said:
The premise was simple enough; bring a one-gear bike and an empty water bottle.
Great write up and awesome photos!

What do you fill the empty water bottles with? What is your definition of Nectar? :D :confused:

Edit: Aha! Just saw the other post from IconoclaSSt: "Somewhere midpoint in the ride, near the bottom of a sketchy and epinephrine-inducing downhill, we were treated to a mini keg of DeGroen's Marzen that the minions of Dionysus saw fit to deposit in the woods." Yummy! :p

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Once again...'ve managed to outdo yourself with the pix and write up! Man, I don't think we all realize just how fortunate we really are to have a fotog freek of your caliber who is willing to pack the heavy, expen$ive picture box and sacrifice pieces of his ride to chronicle the fun. Much appreciated, as always, and great to see you riding again! Here's to many more to come...

Couple more pix:


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