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Slow start again today

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For the last 2 months, I have stepped up my ride frequency and distance. Cutting down on breaks, just enough to chomp some Gu or Cliff Bar. I can really feel a difference in my endurance. The trouble over the past several weeks: It seems to take me several miles to loosen up and feel good. Legs feel sluggish for the first several miles. The good news is that I feel strong on the mid-portion of my ride. I have been doing a little stretching pre and post (most rides). I can always do more of that.

Any suggestions? I would like to find a way to feel good earlier in the ride. Perhaps I am pushing myself too hard (fatigue??)? Or is there something different that I can do? Maybe eat a bit before I get started? I must get out the door by 6am, living in the desert.

I am three weeks away from my first enduro race. Hoping that it concludes with a finish and 'I over trained' type thoughs. We'll see. Thanks for the suggestions.
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The fitter you get the longer it tends to take to warm up. It is also a sign you are carrying a load of fatigue. When you taper for the race you will dump this fatigue and will warm up more quickly. Feeling sluggish at the start of an endurance ride is ok.
Include some short interval work in your training. Sounds like your body has the tempo for endurance but not the tempo needed early on in your ride (that is just my opinion, and my runner-side talking here).

Also, I usually start hard after getting warmed-up, then get into race pace mode. I think this will get you ready for the race day anxiety and reduce the fatigue. Do you think the sun is the culprit or your sluggish ride at the beginning?
The weather is good, good, good at 6am when I ride, around 73 to 75 deg and zero humidity. The hard part is getting feet into pedals by 6am but I've been very successful lately.

I like the idea of adding some light running as I am a 'used to be a runner'. I've always thought about adding a 3k to 5k after a hard ride. Should I do a light jog pre-ride to help warm up or after to warm down? It is too close to the race to actually add work to my current work load. I am happy with the progress on the bike. But I'll bet I can do some good with some light jogging (and more stretching :p ). Pre or Post??

Thx! zul
If you don’t warm up and get yourself ready to bike, you’re bound to feel sluggish. Your muscles will be tight, your lungs will be struggling to keep up with the demands you’re putting on them, and, by and large, you’ll feel terrible. And feeling bad at the start of a race is a pretty sure way to feel bad at the end! I think you have to coax your body up to the tempo you need in endurance racing. Focus on the pre-race warm-up and do the same thing you do in training on the race day, be it running or biking. I switched over to the world of triathlons this year and love the cross training (running and swimming), so I say go for a nice run before your ride!
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