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Got a used 2001 Marz Super T (6" travel) a few months ago. Works great on my trail bike, but the rebound seems pretty slow compared to my newer marzocchi's. It feels awesome on drops and jumps, but on the trail it feels slow and isn't very plush.

It has medium springs (I weigh 180) and I did an oil change with 7.5wt oil. I'm actually running it about an inch lower that the standard oil height, because with the stated level the rebound was very slow. I'm also running the rebound knob all the was fast, or turned out.

I'm getting ready to run 5wt oil and see how that works. Should I consider trying heavy springs to speed up the rebound, or is this a bad idea? I assume that will make the fork feel even stiffer on chatter bumps, and might even make it less plush.

I also have a 02 Shiver, 02 Monster T, and 03 Z1. I realize these are all newer and better forks, but they all have great feeling rebound with just the medium springs and stardard 7.5 oil. My 01 Super T just doesn't even compare, the rebound is about twice as slow as all these forks. What do you guys think???
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