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Frame = Intense SS2, Med. Works.
Bars = Chromag Fubars, Black Chrome.
Brakes = Avid Codes. White, 185mm.
Levers = Straitline, Ti Grey.
Shifter = Saint.
Grips = ODI Extreme, Graphite.
Stem = Straitline 35mm, Ti Grey
Spacers = Straitline.
Fork = Rock Shox Lyrik 2 step, 160mm. MC Taper, 1.5 to 1.125.
Headset = Cane Creek Tapered.
Wheels = Azonic Outlaws, Grey Ano.
Tires = Kenda Nevegal, 2.35.
Shock = CaneCreek Double Barrel.
Spring = Diverse Suspension, Ti, 550lb.
Cranks = RaceFace Diabolous, 165mm.
Chainguide = MRP G2.
Chainring = Azonic 36T.
Pedals = Straitline, Ti Grey.
Chain = Shimano XT.
Rear Derailleur = Saint SC.
Cassette = SRAM PC 90.
Seat Tube = Thomson.
Seat = WTB Speed V, Grey.

Big thanks to Paul Cusick, I will miss you ! Thanks for keeping me busy .
Andrew, The Total Package, and Jeff Steber.
Malcolm and Josh @ CaneCreek,
Nick @ SRAM, Fadi @ DSP,
Greg Parish, and the boyz @ Straitline! You guys are the sh!t !
Vinny, and his brothers.
Check it out...........


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Ss Ii

Rick that bike is just sick! Sweet setup, I have the Straitline stem and pedals as well on mine in red though (1st generation SS in raw as well). I don't know what I was thinking:madman: , but instead of leaving the gritty RAW finish I semi-polished it. I had the frame and it wasn't going to be built up for a while and anytime I saw it I just wanted to do something to it :madman:. It's still bad ass, but the original RAW finish is still the deal, I remember my hands being dirty when I pulled the frame out of the box :) .

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banano said:
Awesome build on a awesome frame!!! Rick have you cut the fubars? And you are building also the M6? Cheers:thumbsup:
Not cutting the Fubars, they are 30''. I've become quite a fan of 30'' bars because of my 951.
And I decided not to build The M6, and do this project instead, I love my 951 so much, I seriously did'nt think I would ride the M6 enough to justify the cost.
I plan to ride this SS a lot, to improve my riding of my 951.
I'm totally hooked on the DH thing now.
I'll post up the differences I see between the two soon, and thanks for the compliments !

biking is fun
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Cable0guy said:
What do you mean several years? More like 2 years. Ask M6 and SSI owners.
it was closer to 1 year. I remember the first ones came out in november of 2008 and by fall of 2009 they had hit chainlove. I remember quite well because i had bought one used for $1500 in august and thought i got a good deal but then a few months later they were new on chainlove for cheaper and totally screwed over any resale value. My bike depreciated $500 in just a couple of months.
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