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Slippery times at the Rockville haunts

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Did the solo SS exploration of Rockville today. No takers on the ride post but eh, that's the way it goes. Foggy and cold when I left WC. So dressed accordingly. Get to Rockville and the clouds even showed the sun. Once.
The trails are in good shape considering the rain that's been deposited over the past few days. Mainly some puddles. A few trails are temporary streams as run off pours down. Saw 2 othe people at a distance the whole time. Only sounds were dripping water, a few random eagles getting pissed at each other and me cussing at not properly compensating for some of the traction issues.
Took a nice spill into rocks on that new Rockgarden line. Front tired simply decided it wanted to go to the right for some reason and skittered out under me. One of those hard hits where I spent a few minutes simply assessing how to untangle myself from the bike without causing further pain. Luckily it seems that I got away with a sprained thumb and little other damage to me or the bike. At least its not the primary beer drinking hand.
Some random pics:
- Couple of cool spots where water was running over mossy rocks.
- The log bridge. Today was the first time I rode around that sucker. Slick as snot. Tested it with my foot and I could barely stand let alone walk/ride.
- Silly attempt at a self protrait rolling over a boulder. I need to learn to count to 10 properly.
- A couple trees have been taken out here and there so some trails are somewhat blocked at the moment.


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Nice shots...what trail is the log bridge on?

Cool looking SS. Is that a 29er? If so sweet ;)
Yep, a Fisher RIg 29er. Been an interesting and fun ride so far. PIcked it up off another MTBR member. Taken it on most of the same stuff I've ridden with the Switchblade. Different way to pick lines.

Gaack: I think that trail is called Lower Lake. Head toward the houses being built toward the South past the lake. Its the area that's been rerouted over the past year or so due to the contruction.
Joseph-da-trog said:
Cool looking SS. Is that a 29er? If so sweet ;)
Agreed. Do you have more/better pics of it?
Haa haa!

Falling for the hype. :rolleyes: Have you heard about Trek's new 33.75"ers? They're the best thing since sliced bread!!

But seer-ee-uss-lee, I wanna ride it. Lemme ride it, b!tch.


P.S. Pic is the aftermath of our family Christmas.


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Dat der's a hole bunch'o fermented grapes been put away!

So ya wanna ride my hard tail rig? I'm cheap. Lemme drink yer beer.
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