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Slight Rub On Hydros

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I apologize if this has been asked in the past. I just upgraded to a 2009 Trek 6500 that has Hydro Shimano BRM 486 brakes. I removed the front tire a few days back and when I put it back on the rotor was rubbing slightly. It did go way after a bit.

I got a flat rear tire this evening. I removed the rear tire, fixed the flat and put the tire back on. Again, the rotor is rubbing slightly. This was actually the first time I've ever removed a back tire on a mountain bike so I'm wondering if I put it on properly.

The question is: Is it normal for disc brakes to rub slightly on occasion? Do they work themselves back into place? This is my first go-around with disc brakes and I'm a little concerned as to whether or not I'm putting the wheels on correctly.

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While it is normal for occasional slight rubbing of brakes pads, if the pads did not rub before you removed a wheel, they should not rub after putting it back.

Make sure the wheel axles are completely seated in the dropouts and that the quick releases are tightened correctly.

Also, do not pull a brake lever while the wheel is off or you will have to pry the brake pads apart.
GM - Thanks for the reply. I released the quick-attach lever with my weight on the seat and felt the frame push further onto the wheel. Presto.... Works like a champ. I had heard about pressing the brakes without the wheel installed... Bad things.

Thanks again....
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