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I think that i figured out a way to get the spv out of my Slider+ and replace it with an internally adjustable 2 stage shim stack (also gonna thro a few more shims on the Rebound side of the piston to give it a better feel). Gonna go to a motorcycle suspension tuning shop for some help and some shims and give it a try. In theory it doesn't look too hard, except for a ton of trial and error. Should work, pretty much the same idea as what Avalanche does (except I am sure that theirs isn't anywhere as half @ss as this would be). Any thoughts? Pics will be posted when its done.
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I had my LBS call to find out cost of SPV Evolve....

for my Slider +. They said they are not going to offer the 05 Slider + w/ SPV Evolve. It will have TPC instead. I beleive alot of the Slider + owners said here, they thought TPC was better than SPV for initial plushness. 05 TPC will fit 04 forks. I think I'm gonna give it a shot....maybe, tough decision cause I like my fork a'lil stiff w/plenty o'rebound.
It's a one arm thing. :rolleyes:
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