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It was a memorable trip to say the least for the Vegas boys. Before we left the house I noted that there was a chance for showers in the St George area but wasnt to worried. I had yet to run into any serious bad weather in all of my SW mountain bike trips. I guess I had just been lucky up until this trip.

As we started to near Hurricane it started to rain pretty heavy off and on. As we stopped to gas up we laughed about setting up camp in the rain and getting a fire going to chase away the chilly air.

The rain continued to fall but nothing was going to stop us! We pulled into the dirt road leading to GB and instantly my doubts tripled. Ive been down this road many a time and had never seen it this bad. The clay mud was deep and coating everything with inches of clay that wouldnt come off. I had neglected to put the truck in 4wd and a couple hundred yards down the road the mud sucked me into the far side of the road and buried me. The guy in the other vehicle(Honda Element) drove by like he was riding on pavement. We decided going any further was futile and concentrated on getting back to the pavement. After alot of back and forth I was able to get turned around and back to the road.

Our next plan was to hit the road from the Springvale(dale?) side. As we headed up the dirt road we seen a sign that we should have paid heed to: IMPASSABLE WHEN WET. We started out okay but as the road became steeper the mud became deeper and slicker. The last steep climb was muddy and narrow and any mistake would send us over the cliff. We both got turned around and slid/drove our way back down. A white knuckle experience to say the least.

We went into town with our tails between our legs and headed for the nearest brew/food joint. While the boys were crying in their beers I made some contingency plays at the local bike shop as to where we could ride I knew slickrock was just down the road as I had ridden there a few times and the bike shop dude suggested the HRT to add a few miles.

Everyone in town was getting rooms instead of camping as the rain was still falling. We did the same and drank the night away talking about what 4 guys stuck in a hotel room talk about.

The next day started out partly sunny and we hit the trails early. A great time was had by all and the trails were in pretty damn good shape all and all. Heres a sample of the pics I took. No pictures of the the carnage on the dirt road the day before to protect the innocent.



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