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Slickrock helmetcam passion!

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No words necessary, really.

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good job Pinky
Nice! I'm just learning about all the cool landscapes one can ride on and I'm just in awe at some these places......simply unbelievable:cool:

Thanks for posting the vid:thumbsup:
Nice vid! I love that ride.
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Hey man, you should post your video in our online video contest at The grand prize is an all-expenses paid mountain bike trip to Peru worth $4500!

Good luck!
I'm working on getting something under 3 minutes, Mike!
Awww man I had that exact Muse song planned for whenever I start making videos!!!!
Nice video, looked like a lot of fun :)
I kinda wish it wouldn't cut to a new scene every five seconds. Just keep the camera rolling as much as possible, start to finish!
It would be three hours long and have a lot of boring climbs in if I did that.
Awesome vid, dude -- I can only hope my daughter keeps her passion for the bumps long enough to get the skills for slickrock. I'd LOVE to take her there!
First let me say I loved your video. Then I'm gonna say...

I know every inch of that trail and the poster above nailed it, just when I knew you were about to start grinding up some monster climb it'd cut to coasting down again. That was the quickest I've ever done a loop and my legs weren't tired at all at the end!

You know how no pic or vid seems to convey how steep a trail is? You'd think a vid of the Slickrock Trail would but...anyone who hasn't ridden it, from this vid still doesn't know what a grunt it can be. There are three or four specific climbs I wished you'd gotten off to the side and recorded attempts, failed or otherwise. Maybe next time!
Honestly, nothing on earth is as boring as helmetcam of someone doing a grunt climb. Even a steep one!
Nice vid.

A few things:

What happened to the alternate ending that has you drinking beer in the parking lot? That's necessary! ;)

Also, get off the white dots next time you go out. There is so much to that place when you start to really roam around. Hell, it takes me 2 hours to get around the practice loop! :)

Fun stuff.
Yeah, beer was drunk but you know what that looks like!

That was our first time out and we left kinda late so we stuck to the dots. I'd love to ride it wihout pressure of time.
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