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Finishing up some work on a new trail today and i cleared the gunk off a boulder. Usually the very large truck sized boulders have black organic material and i try to clear it out to show the rider the line. Not thinking that we had 4 days of rain on black organic dirt i scraped it onto the DH side log pile. Then my dumb @$$ stepped on the log pile. I started sliding and both arms were windmilling. flew up into the air, banged my back of the boulder and got my foot stuck in a rock and rolled my ankle pretty good. It was a good one b/c i almost threw up after i rolled around on the ground for a few minutes waiting to see if it was broken. Happy Fathers day.....:nono:

Ankle not what a horrible time to not have beer though.
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yeah feels better today. a little swollen this am.
Hmmm. If you're by chance talking about Moraine you're right on about it being slick. The boulders on the big downhill were greasy as hell this weekend. After slipping off a couple I decided to take it easy until it dries up a bit - the features on that hill are at the limits of my skill anyways. But even the smal/medium rocks on the trail were slick. Maybe I need some grippier tires...

On the flip side - with all the rain I got to go on a sweet solo kayak run Saturday morning. Life is good.

Steve Z
yeah i am talking moraine. THose boulders were a bit on the slick side. I am putting signs up today and opening the trail. FYI i think you were the one making the maps and putting them up at the kiosk. Thanks for doing that. I see tons of people with that map. The state will take 5 years to get something out. I am still working on the signs for the trails.
That's great that the signs are going up now. You guys have done some amazing work out there.

Yeah, I've been putting the maps out there this spring. But with my local trails open again (West Branch) and them being half as far away I'm not getting out to Moraine every week now and the maps aren't getting refilled as often as they should. If there are any riders who go to Moraine regularly and touch base somewhere around Youngstown/Warren I'd be glad to get maps to you to restock the kiosk when you head that direction. Or if you guys want the image file to print them out yourself to restock, just send me an email and I'll get the file to you.

Steve Z
I will work on an email for you. I opened the new Dh section off the top of the ridge. I will work on getting some pictures. It is looking pretty good with some of the sections smoothed out. the lines to ride the boulders are still pretty technical but that helps keep people at a good speed.

DID you ride this when you hit it? It looks a sketchy in the pictures but most of the logs are 50 pounds or better.
That email address would be

[email protected]

No, I didn't get onto that feature yet. I'm still in my first year of riding, and while I'm advancing fairly well for a "non-youth", some of the stuff on that new loop is beyond my skill levels - so far. But it gives me something to work towards, so it's all good. Heck, the first time I was at Moraine, last fall, I just walked the newer trails down by the Mt. Union parking lot, picking out the short sections that I thought I might conceivably be able to ride - and now I can at least get through most of it. I'm hoping to be able to ride the new stuff by the end of the summer.

Steve Z
Glad you are progressing. Best place to learn to ride if you are ok with consistent failure. After a while you learn to use more of your body to shift weight on to and off of the boulders. Once you do that you feel like you are really doing something there.
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