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Slayer VS Element

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I'm shopping for a bike to replace my now stolen hardtail :( I ride mostly XC stuff and am looking for a FS to take some of the bangs out of the multi day Moab/Fruita rides we do. I'm not dying for huge travel but some people steer me away from the Element when I say I do drops ~6ft and under when they appear on (or near haha) the trail.

Any Element vs Slayer comparisons out there? How's the weight difference? Anyone with problems on an Element? I'm NOT going to be hucking big stuff on this bike, it's just my main XC bike.
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why dont you check out the etsx model from rocky. seems like it has benefits of both slayer and element.
I ride the slayer, mostly technical xc trail. prob. a bit overkill for me with the 5" travel and 8" front rotor, but i love it. It rides rock gardens like butter, is very balanced for both climbing and descending (i came from a gf sugar, which was a climbing machine, and believe me i was surprised at how well the slayer clims). My Slayer has given me so much confidence I ride stuff i wouldnt touch last season on my gf sugar.
keep us posted on what you decide, Rocky is a great company
I jnust read your post again, on second though, with the drops, I'd get the Slayer.
You WONT regret it.....
I agree with fishercat, get the slayer. I love my element, but it does not smooth out enough of the bumps for me. At the end of a long downhill my back still aches. The element is great for just cross country without downhill though.

As for problems, my bike is 2 years old and I haven't have any problems yet.
I love my slayer. It handles 4-5 ft. drops just fine. It was definetly a confidence booster. I have an 03 so I don't quite have the full 5 inches in the rear.
I'll keep looking for a Slayer then. It sounds like it will last me for a long time with what I want to do. Anyone with an 02 or newer in a 19" keep me in mind if you want to step up or unload it ;)
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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