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Slayer SXC Spec

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Ok, here's a question...

Should SXC 70 come set up with a 36t / chainguide out of the box? Or are most ppl here riding them as trail bikes, and therefore the triple makes sense?

In the EU, they are a big player in the Megavalanche ranks, and I could see them doing some serious damage on the Super D circuit which is hopefully growing.


Should I just let you guys pick / choose your own guides?

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As much as I love the concept of Super D and am working on having the first Super D race in GA this year, it's too much of a niche to be marketed to directly. Perhaps a limited production SXC like the slopestyle slayer w a heavier tube set would be cool. I use my SXC70 for trail riding and have it set up w a set of Alas FR cranks BG-34-22. It's more than serviceable on the flowy XC trails around Atlanta and a dream when I take it up to the mountains on the weekend. The one thing I would add standard is a remote adjusting seat post.
I'm not sure that a ready to ride Super D bike would be as handy as just having ISCG mounts on the BB so that it would be easy to outfit with a full on chainguide or a Hammerschmidt.
Every companies is leaning toward the 22t-36t or 24t-36t double chainring with guide. Just look at Giant, spec, etc.

Its a matter of identity. How RMB is looking at their Slayer? A complete All-mountain rig or not. Also, you dont want to be a couple of years behind... I think the whole Slayer line-up should have a 36t w/ chaingude... not only the 70! It's not a super expensive add-on and other cies are putting it on their whole line up.
When can we expect the new gen Slayer?
louiffe said:
Its a matter of identity. How RMB is looking at their Slayer? A complete All-mountain rig or not.
Best comment so far. The intro of the Altitude has taken some of the Super XC away from the SXC. The way I saw the marketing of the SXC is a AM bike leaning more towards the side of trail/XC than AM/FR. Given the competition, especially the Altitude and after owning a SXC I say its now more on the burlier side of AM, where the 06 Slayer was.

This has happened with some auto manufacturers - with the intro of a new model (Altitude) that steps on the toes of an existing model, what are you going to do with that existing model to keep it from being squeezed out by the model below and the model above? There are only so many real biking categories and more importantly consumers only have so much to spend on a 'stable' of bikes, not to mention storage, especially with a biking family and 2.3 cars per household.

My opinion: nix the 3 rings and add a chain guide - the bike should go in that direction.
I am kind of holding off getting one thinking that you are coming out with a new model soon and I am torn between the Altitude and SXC. But if I get a SXC I would use it with a triple.
On RMB side, you guys should find some data on what is the % of Specialized Enduro and Giant Reign X buyer that have kept the chainguide. That would also give a better understanding if it makes good business sense.

As I link the addition to the identity of the bike, I want to reiterate the importance to put it on the whole Slayer line-up or not at all.
The first thing I did with my SXC was put a 2-ring blackspire stinger and go with bg/36/24. It just seems more in line with how beefy the bike is, since the Altitude seems to slot itself into what you guys seemed to originally intend the SS to SXC conversion for. Haven't regretted it since.

ISCG would have been nice on my '08 frame tho.
The ability to put the Hammerschmidt on would be nice.
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