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SL med - bottle cage.

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Anyone have any luck with a bottle cage that fits a med frame? I keep hitting the shock when grabbing the bottle.
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Very good & simple solution (borrowed from SL thread foto :thumbsup:) - try to turn away RP 23 (180 degrees). It's work wery well. Damper working normaly and the place for 750 ml bidon is on :). For my SL M size I used Specialized Rib Cage Pro. Both solutions works good, but not ideal. I lisened so some shapes of bidons are easier to take off bottle cage (bottom part rounded). For longer rides and for Maraton racing - Camelback Mule :D. Before I was trying tu use shorter 650 ml bidon - easier to rich.

Foto is not ideal, but You know where to look.


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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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