Winter is coming and SKS has ramped up its collection of quick-mount fenders to include options for both fat and plus bikes.

Video: New SKS Fatboard, Flapguard and X-Tra-Dry XL Fenders

SKS Sales Manager Crystal Trout walks us through their new fat, plus, and bikepacking solutions.

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The big story for SKS this year is a plethora of new fat and plus bike fenders, which mount easily via a velcro system.

The Fatboard is specific to fat bikes. The front guard mounts to the downtube, while the rear fender mounts on the seat tube or seat post and has adjustable angles. Retail is $55. SKS also has a version for plus size bikes called the X-Tra-Dry XL which go up to a 3.5" tire.

SKS also has a Flapgaurd fender, which is mounted via zip ties and can be used either to protect your face or shock.

Bikepacking season may be coming to a close, but the brand also has a number of triangle and energy bags that mount quickly via velcro and offer lots of carrying capacity.

Gallery: SKS Fatboard, Flapguard, X-Tra-Dry XL Fenders and Bike Bags

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