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mtnbkr0101 said:
Can someone give me the quick and dirty on options (rollers vs. trainers) and things to take into consideration? I do not have a road bike, so would have to use either my fs mtn bike or hybrid for training.

Thanks in advance!
This topic has been covered quite a bit on this forum. Do a search for rollers or trainers.

With a MTB your options are:
1. Rear wheel trainer, with a slick tire, or
2. Trainer with the rim-engaged resistance unit (minoura makes one). Then you don't need a rear slick.
So for around $200 you'll be ready to go.

You'll be looking at $200-$500 for rollers. I don't see any reason why you can't use your hybrid on the rollers. A general rule for rollers is the larger diameter the roller, the less resistance it will have. A 4" diameter roller has pretty descent resistance if you have 53-12 gearing. You may need a resistance fan/unit if you have 42-11 gearing like a MTB.

Which one is better? That is really a matter of opinion and what your goals are.. I have both and I'm always riding the rollers because I find them more interesting, they're quicker to set up and take down, and they really feel like you're riding. Some things I don't like about rollers is that you need to be attentive, it takes a few years to get comfortable with them for long periods of time (learning to ride them with no hands is really the key to staying comfortable on them), they are tricky to learn, and it gets your carpets a bit dirty.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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