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SJ '06 sizing problems and riding styles

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I am 6'0" , 200 lbs and have been riding FSR's since they first came out. I have been riding the 04 enduro expert for the last 2 years and I am thinking of getting a new bike. I have been looking at a SJ '06 expert as my riding stlyes have changed a bit in the last few years.

I ride mainly what I call hardcore XC - long rides with tech sections, 1 - 2 ft drops, big uphills and my mates and I have been doing some 12 and 24 hour races lately. I am going for the SJ because my riding is not as extreme as it used to be (DH racing background), and I am doing more enduro racing but a thread I saw made it seems like I would punish the bike to much.

I have 2 questions:

1 - I was riding a medium enduro - some shops have suggested the meduim and some have suggested the large for my new bike and I am not sure which - by shortening the stem on the large and bringing the seat forward I am wondering if this will make the bike feel wierd? and will it change my body position so that my knees start to hurt? (years of abuse)

2 - I saw a thread from a couple of weeks ago saying that my style of riding and my weight will be too much for the SJ frame in the long term - any opinions on this?

If Jakewake reads this I would love some feedback, and anyone else who feels that can help me solve my problems

thanks heaps
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1 to 2 foot drops are no problem for....

the SJ. They are a tough frame and should handle it no problem. Where you get into issues is when you start going bigger. I have probably either read or posted to the two threads that you are talking about. In both instances, if I remember correctly, the original poster was talking of the potential of going bigger on a regular basis. I'm 6'5" and run 230, I ride an 05 SJ and probably ride pretty close to the way you do. Quite a bit of rough technical with a few drops now and then. There have been 0 issues with the Stumpy.

As far as sizing goes. From what you state I would say probably the large would be the better fit. But not having all the info about your size nor knowing your personal preference for feel, riding position etc. it's tough to say. At my size I ride an XL of course and it is perfect. But then I have tossed the stock stem and adjusted to make the bike right for me.
One suggestion would be to get on the Specialized website and look up the geomentries for your bike and the new SJ. You should be able to find a geomentry chart for your old Enduro in the Archives section. Compare your Enduro geometry to the new SJ figures. Find the size the is closest to the Enduro and start there. They won't be identical of course, they are two different bikes designed for different riding styles. But you should be able to get close. The main thing to look at it top tube length, seat tube angle, and head tube angle. The closer these items are together between the two, the closer the SJ will feel as far as rider position and handling are concerned. Of course before you pull the tigger on the new ride an test ride is ALWAYS recommended if at all possible. Like I said, I'm guessing a large will probably work, but you never know.That's why the test ride is suggested if at all possible. Once you get the frame size in the right neighborhood, tweaks in stem length, seat height and fore and aft positioning are easy.

Good Dirt
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I am 5'10 and found the medium was too upright...and got a Large with a slightly shorter stem. I think at 6' 0" you would be very cramped on a medium
I'm 5'11"-32"inseam and ride Large frames...mediums always seem too small.
I chose the large frame

thanks to those who replied to my last post. I ended up going with the large frame which after a couple of rides (70 miles so far) has felt alot better and more comfortable. I realised that my old medium frame that I rode for 2 years was to small.....

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